Nutritional Services and Evaluations

Nutritional Products

Nutritional Services

Good health begins from within, so to truly optimize your healthy efforts, Gutierrez Family Chiropractic offers a number of nutritional evaluations to ensure that your body truly functioning as it should. Every body is unique, and being honest in determining your internal physical health may depend on adding vitamin supplements, as they may best benefit your health and vitality levels. When everything is working well inside, your good health shows on the outside.

Nutritional Products & Services

  • LBG Machine
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Vionic Sandals
  • Nemectron
  • Vasyli Shoes
  • Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements

Through effective nutritional monitoring, you may realize significant improvement with such things as allergies, digestion, rashes, and inflammation. Clients who effectively work on their internal health learn to recognize various signs and symptoms that can be corrected. Different body types may need particular help with finding the right nutrients, and Gutierrez Family Chiropractic knows just how to help.